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Contributors include: Ron Athey, Brian Bauman, Jibz Cameron, Marjorie Cameron, Nikki Darling, Scott Ewalt, Margaret Haines, Hedi El Kholti, Jonesy, Jaime C. Knight, Chris Kraus, Joshua Lubin-Levy, Daniel Mufson, Bradford Nordeen, Kembra Pfahler, Joshua Chambers-Letson and Carmelita Tropicana.

Dirty Looks returns with the second installment of our Volume series, a print publication amassing ephemera, artwork, creative commissions and scholarly writing around experimental film, video and performance. Long-form essays include works by Joshua Lubin-Levy, Margaret Haines, Daniel Mufson, creative prose by Chris Kraus, Jibz Cameron and Brian Bauman, interviews with Ron Athey and Carmelita Tropicana, a portfolio of illustrations by Marjorie Cameron, a re-envisioning of the hankie code courtesy of Die Kränken, an 18-page spread of early fliers, posters and lyric sheets from Kembra Pfahler and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black with a cover designed by Scott Ewalt.  

Dirty Looks Volume is an annual publishing initiative distributed in tandem with our bi-coastal events. Dirty Looks Volume Two encompasses our final three events of 2016 (Jack Smith Rushes, Cameron in Film: A New Moon Invocation and die Kränken Holiday Bazaar), as well as our upcoming screening with Kembra Pfahler and the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary Reza Abdoh: Theater Visionary. By purchasing the publicationsubscribing or becoming a member, you become complicit, receiving the publication directly at your home address. 

A pack of queers crazed about cinema and its time-based sisters, we are evolving our porous skin to include new contributors and collaborations, different and differing voices that help us to contest the limits of what queer can mean in relation to cinema, to region, to gender, to medium, and also to how it can be talked about.

Dirty Looks is expanding its reach this January with the launch of Dirty Looks Volume 1, a biannual publishing initiative to be distributed in tandem with our monthly bi-coastal events. Dirty Looks Volume 1 is a program, an introduction to the works that Dirty Looks will present over the first six months of 2016. By subscribing to the publication one becomes a member, obtaining free access to all the Dirty Looks events plus the publication sent directly to your home address. Snail mail, stamps and USPS. We can’t help it. We started with celluloid first.

Contributors to the first issue include: Malic Amalya, Gregg Araki, Amelia Bande, Katherine Brewer Ball, Dennis Cooper, Jack Halberstam, Guy Hocquenghem, G. B. Jones, Jonesy, Andrew Kachel, Theodore Kerr, Clara López Menéndez, Karl McCool, Bradford Nordeen, Brontez Purnell, Jill Reiter, Alice Royer, Greta Snider, Charles Theonia, Scott Treleaven and Greg Youmans.

Programs include: Hardcore Home Movies; Grace Jones: A One Man Show; Sesión Continua: a porn theatre in Echo Park; Maldito Sea Tu Nombre Libertad, Guy Hocquenghem + Lionel Soukaz's La Race D'ep!; and Gregg Araki's Totally F***ed Up.

128pp ISBN 978-0-692-62471-5  $12.95
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